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The Safer Childcare Practitioner - Level 2 Health and Safety for childcare course is fully accredited by QUALIFI, a leading UK National Awarding Organisation. This course is mapped against leading level 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace Syllabi, and learners successful in passing the examination will receive a Level 2 Award in Health & Safety for Childcare Practitioners from QUALIFI.

QUALIFI is a UK based nationally recognised Awarding Organisation offering academic and vocational qualifications and is regulated by OFQUAL the government’s regulator of Awards and Qualifications in the UK.

Guest Experts & Other Contributors

This course and examination has been designed in conjunction with a leading National Childcare organisation, Health & Safety experts, Environmental Health Officers (EHOs), and a Paediatric First Aid Specialist. It was filmed exclusively at a real leading UK Childcare Centre, and is accredited at Level 2 by a UK Awarding Body regulated by OFQUAL.

NDNA - National Day Nurseries Association are one of the leading Childcare Industry professional bodies and influential in their formation of UK childcare policy. NDNA audited all content and contributed to the formation of the syllabus.

QUALIFI - Awarding Organisation Qualifi provide the accreditation for the course, ensuring it meets the syllabus and published learning objectives. Qualifi have in excess of 100,000 learners per year on academic and vocational training programmes and answerable directly to OFQUAL, the government’s regulator of education in the UK. Qualifi also co-authored the examination.

Helen Underwood - With eleven years working Paediatrics and Intensive Care units at various location over the UK, Helen is an experienced and published healthcare professional specialising in First Aid. Helen contributed to a number of chapters including Food Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Choking First Aid and emergency CPR.

The Safer Food Group - The course is delivered online by The Safer Food Group, leading experts in online learning for the Care/Childcare, Hospitality and Catering sectors supporting in excess of 75,000 UK learners in these sectors per year.

Bright Beginnings - University of Leeds location used for all filming. Bright Beginnings contributed suggestions and example during filming and a number of BB staff also appear in practical examples and in interviews during the video content.

More information

For more information on Accreditation or other course credentials please contact us on 0800 612 6784. (For detailed information please ask to speak to the Responsible Officer for Awards and Examinations).